A little Longer!

There are a few things in life that you don’t know what to expect until you actually experience it for yourself & little did I know what I was really going into. Here I was, 24 weeks Pregnant & Preparing for this new life growing inside my belly.

I got a hold of all the pregnancy magazines on the shelves and I had an app tell me what developmental stage my baby is going through week by week, I also ripped out a “new mothers baby checklist” as it had all the essentials I needed to buy. After all the planning and preparation deep down in my heart, all I wanted to do was just meet my baby already.

Then 16 more weeks passed and it was time…However, it did feel a lot longer than that especially those last few weeks, as those of you who have been pregnant or know someone who is you know exactly what I mean.

then came the day…On the 8.6.2014 at 5:59 Am our precious son Joshua Emmanuel Keil entered our world.

All my preparation, reading & studying just wasn’t cutting it. Everyone takes in new experiences differently, but nothing prepared me for motherhood.
holding little Joshua for the very first time in my arms, nothing really compares to that moment. The very first moment you lay your eyes on your child, it was the highest high, all that time waiting, praying and preparing for this very moment-To just meet my baby.

While Holding my baby in my arms I was hit with the reality of being responsible for this new little life in my hands, not to mention, the pooey nappies, breastfeeding for the first time. Also, the crying spasms which I didn’t know what to do about them after trying basically everything.

Yes motherhood is beautiful and I wouldn’t change it for the world, becoming a mother has truly rocked my world in a sense I NOW understand the love my parents have for me and most of all I understand a bit more of the Heavenly Fathers love for me

However, being faced with something new in life does take time to learn and to get the hang of it and embarking on motherhood is one of the most adventuress journeys to take on in life.
So, let’s fast forward to about 3 months into motherhood, things start to look a lot brighter, the winter season was drawing to an end and the sun began to shine brighter and I began to sense and feel renewed as Josh started to sleep right through the night, the crying spasms ended and my love for him continued to grow stronger by the minute.

My little Josh doesn’t wake up much during the nights now, but there was one particular night that he did. This might sound out of the ordinary but when his feed was drawing to a finish I was not wanting to put him back into his crib straight away…all I wanted to do was cuddle him, cover him in my kisses and hold him just a little longer.
I then heard the voice of the Lord tug at me and tell me…”Kerry, that’s how I feel with you, that’s all I want…to have just a little longer time with you. Stay up with me.”
God is in constant pursuit of us, that’s why He sent His one and only Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins so we can finally enter into the Holy of Holies and walk with Him once again.

Rejoice for the curtain was torn in two and We have access to God. No more striving, no more fighting and the good news; His ultimate desire is to be with us. Not just for a moment, or an hour but for the more. We are called to live in constant abiding in Jesus…That’s what He desires.

Remember He wants YOU and He loves YOU!

In Christ, Kerry

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